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About Training of Trainers (ToT)

The Training of trainers (TOT) shall be of 10 days duration with a batch of 20 trainers from training centres and shall be conducted at the department of hydro and renewable energy, IIT Roorkee the specialized department and having required infrastructure. The course shall cover the following-

    1. Role and Responsibilities of a Small Hydropower Plant O&M technician (Jal Urja Mitra)
    2. Components and layout of Small Hydro Power (SHP) plant
    3. SHP plant component inspection
    4. Start and Shut Down procedure of SHP plant
    5. Workplace safety and hygiene
    6. Effective and efficient working practices
    7. Operate the Electro-Mechanical System in a SHP plant
    8. Maintain the Electro-Mechanical System
    9. Operate the Civil and Hydro-mechanical system in SHP plant
    10. Maintain the civil and Hydro-mechanical system in SHP plant