MoU – Himachal Pradesh, Government Industrial Training Institute (Grade A), Mandi

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MOU with Government Polytechnic, Sundernagar, Himachal Pradesh:

ITI Mandi has signed an MOU with the Government Polytechnic at Sundernagar for using Fluid Machinery laboratory. The lab is equipped with working models of Pelton wheel, Francis Turbine, Pumps, model test benches of turbines, steam turbine, hydraulics ram, notches, jets, orifice. As per the MOU, the training shall be imparted by instructor of ITI Mandi using the facilities at Polytechnic at Sundernagar.

Distance of Government Polytechnic, Sundernagar, Himachal Pradesh from ITI Mandi: 22 Km.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the SHP plants 

ITI Mandi has signed MOU with three (3) Small hydropower producers and one (1) Operation and Maintenance Company for training in SHP and possible placement. These are:

  1. M/S Sri Ram Sayal Hydropower Pvt. Ltd, Village Neuli, Saing, District Kullu, HP. Owner of Kotlu Hydropower Project, Capacity 1.8 MW, Commissioned in
  2. M/S Banagarh Hydro power Pvt. Ltd, Village Prini, Mandi, HP.
  3. M/S Sarabhai Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, Village Dwada, PO Thalout, District Mandi, HP.
  4. M/S Affinity Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Village Dwada, PO Tlaout, District Mandi, HP.
  5. M/S Affinity Enterprises are Operation and Maintenance contractors for Kotlu and Kartaul hydropower projects.

Kotlu project (1.8 MW) is owned by M/S Ram Sayal Hydropower Project, Neuli, Saing commissioned in the year 2013.

Kartaul Project (2.4 MW) commissioned in the year 2017 is owned by M/S Raghupreet Hydro power Project at Neuli, Saing, Kullu

S No

Name of SHP plant



Kartaul, M/S Ram Sayal Hydropower Project

Neuli village, Kullu


Kotlu, M/S Raghupreet Hydro Projects

Neuli village, Kullu